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HawkEye Spray Drone Applications (HSDA) is revolutionizing pre-season and in-season control product applications for golf course native areas with our drone spraying services. Our licensed and certified application service can make site specific, precision applications quickly, safely and efficiently with no disruption or exposure to golfers, participants or staff members.

Spray Drone technology is perfect for treating unfavorable terrain, hard to access areas and sensitive areas where tire tracking and tire ruts are unacceptable.



















HSDA drone spraying services deliver timely applications even following adverse weather events and during spring thaw here in the northeast when the ground is extremely soft. HSDA is licensed and certified by the FAA for NJ, PA, NY, RI, and VT aerial pesticide applications. We work closely with superintendents to develop the safest, most effective spray program for individual sites in regards to location, environmental concerns and customer expectations.

HSDA uses DJI GPS technology to set waypoints using up to 18 satellites for field measurements to ensure pinpoint accurate spray patterns eliminating drift and over spray. HSDA is pioneering this new form of control product application method as a safe, effective and efficient way for our customers to improve difficult to maintain areas due to difficult terrain and time constraint issues. 


HawkEye Drone mid-flight

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