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- Since 2020 -

Hawkeye Spray Drone Applications LLC 

Hawkeye Spray Drone Services

  • Vegetative Management of Utility Right of Ways

  •  Site Specific Golf Course Native Area Management 

  • Innovative IPM programs that Solve Vegetation Issues

  •  Customized Solutions for Specific Nuisance Areas 

  • Growth Regulation of Areas to reduce Labor Cost

  • Plant Specific Remediation of Invasive Species

  • Utilizing Proven Field Tested Results

  •  Full Service Precision Aerial Applications

-HSDA's AGRAS Mid-Flight


  • Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative

  • Ferti-Soil Division of SPG, Inc.

  • Trump National Bedminster GC

  • Tavistock CC

  • TPC Jasna Polana GC

  • Ledgerock CC

  • Cotton Cattle LLC

  • Asbury Farms Development

  • Bayonne Golf Club

  • Saucon Valley CC

  • Rockaway River CC

  • NJ National CC

  • Huntington Valley CC

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